I’m a visual artist, observing and creating, sometimes inspired of things I find, or rather things that find me?…pieces with imprints from previous existence… I’m observing, finding traces , sometimes hidden stories , becoming like a material that I use transforming it into drawings, wrapping and embroidering objects, installations and performance.

photo: Giorgia Bombino

(di) vol. 5 – (Dickinson)

I’m very happy that my series of drawings The Anatomic Garden, is shown in sguar(di)versi vol.5. To see the whole volume or download it for free, please go to http://bit.ly/2trM4E7

Sono molto felice che la mia serie di disegni The Anatomic Garden, sia pubblicata in sguar (di) versi vol.5. Per vedere l’intero volume o scaricarlo gratuitamente, vai a http://bit.ly/2trM4E7

Thanks to Massimo Giacci, Sabrina Manfredi e Tiziana Pagnanelli https://www.sguardiversi.com/